Thorsten Heins: “BlackBerry 10 Will Be Ready for Licensing Soon”

RIM has said that it will soon be ready to license the BlackBerry 10 operating system to other manufacturers, despite the company not having officially announced its own device for the platform.

In an interview with Bloomberg, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins said that the new BlackBerry operating system is now in the final stages of testing and the manufacturer  is looking at how other companies may be able to use it in a range of products.

BB10 is built around RIM’s QNX software, which itself has had success when licensed out to major companies such as General Electrics, Caterpillar and Cisco. Heins has stated that the Canadian company could do the same thing with BB10 “if we chose to”.

It seems that licensing opportunities could be RIM’s biggest chance of turning around its fortunes of late; when reports broke earlier this month that Samsung was considering a licensing deal, RIM stock rose rapidly by 13%.

Heins’s vision for RIM is set to see the company move away from its focus on handsets and tablets, moving into other areas of mobile computing.

“Smartphones are a part of our business, but we’re looking way beyond this,” he said.

With BlackBerry anything other than than flavour of the month currently, it is reassuring to see that those at the helm are starting to think outside of the business-phone box.

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