Pictures of iPhone 5 Dock Connector Leaked

Photos of what is claimed is the much-discussed dock connector to feature on the iPhone 5 have leaked online.

French website published the images which show the connector as being significantly smaller than that used on previous iPhones. The new part appears to feature 9 pins, a radical departure from the existing 30 pin connector that Apple has so far favoured for its mobile devices.

Last week, NowhereElse published pictures of what the site claimed was the SIM tray from the iPhone 5, which suggested that the device will use a nano-SIM and indicated that the handset will have painted sides, rather than the metal finish seen on the iPhone 4S.

The French tech blog also revealed pictures that purported to show the battery unit of Apple’s upcoming device, prompting speculation about the levels of power it will be able to supply. Apple-centric blog 9to5Mac has pointed out that the cell is only slightly more powerful than that used on the 4S, with the site claiming that the battery could be a maximum of 1,440 mAh.

However, the iPhone 5 is expected to be compatible with 4G LTE networks, something which requires a great deal of power, and 9to5Mac has suggested that Apple is either prepared to deliver a vastly under-powered handset or has devised a method of getting greater performance out of the small battery.

One possibility that the blog suggests is that the manufacturer may be using a new type of Qualcomm chip called a Gobi that puts less drain on a battery than earlier processors.

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