Internal Samsung Document suggests Galaxy S copied iPhone Interface

As part of its ongoing legal case with Samsung, Apple has submitted an internal report from the Korean manufacturer as evidence in which the Galaxy S smartphone and iPhone are closely compared.

The report, authored by Samsung’s product engineering team, makes numerous suggestions that improvements to the Galaxy should involve it bearing a closer resemblance to the Apple device’s interface.

Although the document does show clearly that Samsung paid close attention to its competitor regarding to mobile technology, the court will still need to be convinced that patent infringements specifically took place.

While a number of sources suggest that the submitted report will be pivotal in the landmark case, others imply that Samsung will simply argue that any company must compare itself to competitors in order to remain at the forefront of the marketplace.

Concerning the report, a Samsung representative told news site AllThingsD: “These are typical competitive analyses routinely undertaken by many companies in many industries – including Apple.”

“Samsung stands by its culture of continuous improvement and innovation. We are very proud of the product innovations driven by our more than 50,000 designers and engineers around the world who have made Samsung’s products the products of choice.”

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