HTC to Release Endeavour C2

Following on from yesterday’s news that HTC may be planning to join the likes of the Samsung with a big-screen phone, comes talk of the Endeavour C2, a device that could be the successor to the HTC One X.

We only reviewed the One X back in April, so it’s hardly past its prime, especially as its quad-core processor and 4.7-inch HD touchscreen are still considered cutting edge. So what could HTC possibly be cooking up instead?

According to a source inside the company speaking to, it’s the Endeavour C2, and the big change will be in the processor department, as the chip has been clocked at 1.7GHz, a considerable gain over the One X’s 1.5GHz. No increase in RAM is mentioned, but we’d love to see this chip paired with more than 1GB.

One of our only complaints about the One X was the poor battery life and this could be addressed in the Endeavour C2, which is said to have “an improved battery”, although what this means exactly isn’t known. Here’s hoping for a significantly higher rating.

The design of the phone won’t change much though, as the source indicates existing accessories will still be compatible with the new phone, plus it will be available in a new colour and have a new set of Beats Audio headphones included too.

It’s unlikely the Endeavour C2 is the same phone as the one leaked yesterday, as that sounded like an all-new device, while this appears to be more like a refresh of the One X, addressing the known issues and sweetening the deal a little. HTC did something similar with its Sensation range, which contained three different models, all with slightly different strengths.

We may not have long to wait for this one either, as the phone is expected to be launched before 1 October.


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