HTC to Reinstate Menu Button to One Series Devices

HTC is said to be working on a solution to bring back a dedicated menu button to its One Series handsets following unrest amongst both the developer community and consumers alike.

According to AnandTech, which claims to have spoken with HTC direcly on the matter, the One Series of handsets will receive a software update in the near future that remaps the functionality of the traditional menu button omitted in favour of a multitasking key on Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

A similar software fix was issued to One X and One S owners signed up to US network AT&T last month which offered the option of mapping the pre-Android 4.0 menu button to the multitasking capacitive button positioned at the foot of the display on those devices.

Issues with navigation key assignment became apparent shortly after the launch of the flagship HTC handset and its mid-range counterpart, with irritation on the part of users resulting from the Taiwanese manufacturer’s decision to jettison the fourth navigation key and opt for the three preferred by Google for use on ICS devices: back, home, and multitasking.

Problems were first encountered when apps yet to be upgraded to use on-screen menu buttons still required the universal menu button of old, resulting in much confusion as users instinctively reached for the tactile multitasking key instead of the black bar displayed by One Series devices at the bottom of the screen which now serves as the menu button.

The update served to AT&T customers allows One X users to set a short press of the multitasking button to serve as the menu key, while a long press enters task switching menu. Whilst it’s unclear as to hat customisation will be offered to international users, or indeed when the update will be rolled out, the fix is expected to make its way to the budget One V also.

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