BlackBerry PlayBook 4G Announced

RIM has announced a new version of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, this time with 4G LTE connectivity. Be warned though, if this new feature had you changing your mind about the PlayBook – despite it not having a use here in the UK – it’s currently only scheduled for release in Canada.

The PlayBook 4G shares the same 7-inch touchscreen, with a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, the same 5 megapixel rear cam and 3 megapixel front cam, the same 1GHz processor and the same 1GB of RAM. If you’re wondering if the operating system is different, don’t, it’s the same Tablet OS 2.0 found on the regular version.

It’s coming out on 9 August in Canada, and RIM has said it will be releasing the tablet in the USA, Europe and other 4G-capable countries later in the year.

If you’re keeping up with the ever-changing 4G situation in the UK, Ofcom has said it will hold the spectrum auction early next year, and networks will start offering the service within that year.

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed, but if RIM wants to sell a few, it’ll need to be cheap. With the Google Nexus 7 priced at £160/$199, the PlayBook needs to at least come close.

Interestingly, the original PlayBook can be had for a similar price as the Nexus 7 here in the UK, but at a year old and with a dual-core processor and limited app support, it’s still not challenging the newcomer.

RIM is having a tough time at the moment, and although it’s good to see something new from the BlackBerry manufacturer, we’d prefer to see BlackBerry 10 and the London phone.

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