Voice Control Coming to BlackBerry 10

Voice control is all the rage at the moment, and while Siri wasn’t the first to appear, it was the first to bring such a feature to the general public’s attention. It was followed by S-Voice installed on the Samsung Galaxy S III, Quick Voice on several LG Optimus phones, then an unnamed, similar feature was announced for Windows Phone 8.

Now, RIM is set to introduce its own version on BlackBerry 10, at least according to the latest build of the OS to hit the Dev Alpha handset. The team over at CrackBerry have filmed the new feature in action.

The voice recognition function is activated by holding down the mute key, then a series of commands can be spoken. These include opening the browser and directing it to a website, making a phone call by speaking a contact’s name, find directions or searching for a particular location, as well as simple commands such as checking the weather and asking the time.

According to a forum post, BlackBerry’s voice control needs a data connection to operate, the same as Siri and S Voice. Its functionality is fairly basic at the moment, but like BlackBerry 10 and the Dev Alpha phone, it’s nowhere near finished yet.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has admitted BlackBerry 10 has been delayed until the first few months of 2013, and a leaked product roadmap confirms the first device – codenamed L-Series, or London – will appear at that time, confirming RIM’s plans.

You can see BlackBerry 10′s voice control in action below, and although it looks interesting, it has been done several times already, and never as well as Siri. Is voice control a necessary feature for a modern smartphone OS, or is it a gimmick that RIM would do best to forget about unless it can do something different?

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