Weekly Web Highlight: World Golf Tour

With the summer of sport in full swing and the Open Championship almost upon us, we decided for this week’s Weekly Web Highlight we’d take a walk down the fairway and onto the tee. World Golf Tour is an online game that lets users play a round on 15 of the world’s top courses including St Andrews and Royal St Georges.

Playing the game is a revelation, offering graphics and playability far beyond many console-based titles from within the genre. The gaming interface is incredibly easy to get used to and numerous options such as club selection and tournament type are all available to customise the experience.

As expected from an online game, the social aspect is a major feature of World Golf Tour, with a number of multiplayer games going on at any given time which you’re free to join at the click of a mouse. Particularly impressive are the periodic tournaments, which offer real life prizes such as an all-expenses paid trip to the famous Pebble Beach course in California.

Unsurprisingly, World Golf Tour has become something of an online phenomenon with over 5 million registered users currently signed up. If you fancy yourself as a bit of Tiger Woods but don’t want to have to brave the English summer, then we suggest you head over to World Golf Tour and get your swing on right away. Fore!

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