Microsoft Confirm Windows 8 Release Date

Microsoft has announced its Windows 8 operating system will be released on 26 October, with many commentators predicting the firm’s new mobile platform, Windows Phone 8, will be released at the same time.

Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows division, made the announcement at the software giant’s annual sales meeting in Atlanta yesterday. The news was published on Microsoft’s blog soon afterwards.

Windows Phone 8 was unveiled last month, along with Microsoft’s Surface tablet, and indicates that the company is aiming to create an ecosystem that combines mobile and PC devices seamlessly. The new mobile platform sees an advancement of the distinctive Metro UI with its Live Tiles system, with this design also being carried through to the new desktop version of Windows.

Judging by what has been seen so far, Microsoft is close to enabling full integration between a variety of devices, more so than any other manufacturer, something which could prove an attractive prospect for consumers.

A new version of Windows Phone could be exactly what Microsoft needs right now, with the platform’s popularity waning. This week one of the firm’s leading hardware partners, Nokia, halved the price of its flagship, the Windows Phone 7 –powered Lumia 900, in the US in an effort to stem falling market share.

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