Apple Told to Publicly State Samsung Didn’t Copy the iPad’s Design

The fight between Apple and Samsung concerning patent and design infringement has been a long and often dull story, and while it’s far from being over, a decision made by a UK judge yesterday added some much-needed colour to the story.

Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPad’s design for its own range of Galaxy tablets, but following a hearing in London, Judge Colin Briss has found that Samsung didn’t infringe any of Apple’s design patents.

This victory has been made even sweeter for Samsung too, as Apple must publish a note on its UK website saying exactly that, and keep it there for six months. Not only that, but Apple must pay for advertisements in the Financial Times, Daily Mail, on the Guardian’s mobile app and in tech magazine T3, confirming that Samsung did not copy the iPad’s design.

All the adverts must be worded in a way that repairs any damage caused to Samsung’s reputation, but Apple hasn’t been banned from giving its own opinion on the situation, despite an objection made by Samsung.

Judge Briss is the very same man that last week said the Galaxy Tab “wasn’t as cool as the iPad.” Look out for the apologies, some angry faces at Apple, and some smug smirks at Samsung very soon.

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