Does HTC Have Nexus 7 In Its Sights?

Reports have emerged which suggest that Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC could be working on a new tablet device to rival Google’s recently announced Nexus 7.

The news comes via PC Advisor who were told by a spokesperson from the company that a HTC tablet will “definitely” arrive in the near future and that it would “have something unique to offer”.

Full specification and launch details for the prospective device were not forthcoming but it is thought that the slate will be HTC’s follow up to the stylus-equipped HTC Flyer released last year – a product which didn’t perform as well as expected despite its unique selling point.

Confirmation of the HTC tablet comes in the wake of leaked benchmark data for a powerful hi-specced device reportedly being developed by the Taiwanese firm.

Whilst the identity of device the benchmark data pertained to was not revealed (with many suggesting that it could be the successor to the US-only HTC Rezound), the mystery gadget is known to feature a Tegra 3 processor clocked at 1.3GHz, have a screen resolution of 1280 x 752 and run Android 4.0.3.

It is entirely possible that this device could in fact be the tablet HTC has confirmed, with commentators suggesting that the screen resolution points towards a 7-inch tablet given that 10-inch slates generally require much higher resolutions.

If this is the case, the upcoming HTC tablet would be in direct competition with Google’s Nexus 7, something which may force the Taiwanese manufacturer’s hand in terms of positioning and price points.


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