Top Five Free Sports Results Apps

Despite the recent disappointments of Euro 2012 and Wimbledon, the British public remain passionate about all things sport related, particularly with the London Olympics just around the corner. However, staying up to date with the latest results, stats and news can be a challenge with distractions such as work, family and general everyday life constantly getting in the way.

Thankfully, the wonderful world of mobile apps has a plethora of options available in order to provide endless reams of information about any given sporting event. Whether you are looking for the latest driver information from the world of Formula 1, or just want an update on the current test match, there will be an app to cover it. Here we take a look at the cream of the crop from the sporting arena.

5. iCricket

If the soft thwack of willow on leather is the thing to get your juices flowing, then iCricket from Kuchbi Inc is the app for you. Available for both iOS and AndroidiCricket offers a wealth of up-t0-the-minute information, ball-by-ball match commentary and a comprehensive results service direct from the crease.

The app interface is pleasingly straightforward with several icons leading the user quickly to the relevant area. Post-match statistics are incredibly detailed and include Man of the Match and full player performance stats, and the app as a whole brilliantly covers every facet of the game.

4. F1 2012 News and Info

With television coverage of Formula 1 becoming ever more fractured, not to mention the increasingly complicated rulebook, following the world’s premier motorsport series has become something of a test in itself. The answer to this conundrum comes in the form of DLB-Network’s F1 2012 News and Info app, which provides a one-stop shop for all things F1 across Android and iOS.

The app provides a full breakdown of the current driver’s championship alongside news, twitter feeds and race results. While the official Formula 1 app is admittedly much more detailed, it also costs an extortionate £19.99, making the free effort from DLB-Network look like very good value indeed.

3. PGA Tour

The official app for golf’s famous US tour provides an excellent breakdown for fans, including detailed scorecards and event information across every tournament on the tour. Whether users are looking for in-depth player analysis or up to date match reports, the PGA Tour app has it covered.

The application is available for both Android and iOS, although the version for the Apple platform is slightly superior in terms of functionality.

2. BBC Olympics

Unless you’ve spent the spent the last twelve months living under a rock you will have doubtless heard that a certain sporting event is taking in place in London over the coming weeks. The BBC is heading up coverage of the London 2012 Games and has produced a fantastic app for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Covering every conceivable facet of all events featured throughout the Olympics, the app is as comprehensive as they come. Live streaming, medals tables and an events calendar are particular highlights of the Beeb’s application, but we defy any sport fan not to find something within the app that will appeal.

1. ESPN Score Center

Pretty much the daddy of all sports apps, Score Center from US network ESPN provides results, news and league tables across a wide range of different sports from rugby to baseball. Available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, the app allows users to select their favourite teams in order to create a bespoke stream of information.

The interface is incredibly easy to use and up to date information can be accessed instantly upon opening the app. Several sports also allow for live alerts during matches, with football for example discipline and substitution updates are offered during a game.

ESPN Score Center is, in our opinion, the most complete free sports app currently available and whatever your sporting bent, the service will have something for you.

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