ZTE Shouts About an Advanced New Gaming Phone

Here’s some unexpected news from ZTE, who have a new phone to unveil next week. It’s not just any old device either, but the MOST ADVANCED GAMING SMARTPHONE in the world, ever.

Well, we added the “in the world, ever” bit, but the emphasis is ZTE’s own, directly quoted from its shouty tweet sent early today. The news came from the ZTE UK Twitter account, saying that “the countdown has begun” and that in six days time, we’ll have the aforementioned phone in our hands.

That’s right, it says in our hands. If that’s really true, it will be quite a turn up, as ZTE is often guilty of announcing phones that never seem to arrive. Remember the Era, complete with quad-core processor and 8 megapixel camera, unveiled during Mobile World Congress? It’s still not out.

The arrival date isn’t the only bit of bluster either, as to call anything the “most advanced” is asking for trouble, as there is a fair amount of advanced kit already on sale. But true gaming smartphones are a rarity, with only the Sony Xperia Play coming to mind as a recent example. What could ZTE have created that inspires such confidence? To meet expectations, at the very least it needs physical controls – be they built-in or as a Bluetooth accessory – a big, high resolution screen and some good audio too.

The six day wait takes us to Wednesday 18 July, and Recombu says there is a launch event planned in London, so there really isn’t very long to go until ZTE’s wonder-phone is revealed. We’re excited to see whether the serious mobile gaming segment is about to get a big boost, and from a most unexpected manufacturer too.

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