MeeGo Lives on Thanks to Jolla

Remember the Nokia N9? The well-received, but ultimately ill-fated smartphone that pre-dated the Lumia 800 in terms of design, but employed MeeGo as its operating system, instead of either Symbian or Windows Phone?

You may not, and that’s OK because the phone didn’t make much of a splash in the UK, but this was nothing to do with MeeGo’s abilities as a smartphone OS. A Finnish start-up company recognizes this, and has announced plans to build a new phone using the software.

MeeGo, unveiled at Mobile World Congress in 2010, was a combination of Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin Linux-based platforms, but was later dropped by Nokia in favour of Windows Phone.

The N9′s release fulfilled its side of the contract, and CEO Stephen Elop said that regardless of whether the phone was a success, there was no going back to MeeGo.

Over the past months, members of the MeeGo team have left Nokia, and many of the project directors and engineers have joined Jolla, where work has been continuing on the software.

According to its LinkedIn profile, Jolla will “design, develop and sell new MeeGo based smartphones”, which is fantastic news for fans of the OS, who never got a chance to own an N9.

The company has been hard at work on its first device for the last year, and it hopes to show it off before the end of 2012. There’s no word on the hardware yet, but MeeGo will have a brand new user interface when it does arrive.

It’s always good news to hear about enterprising companies picking up where huge corporations leave off, but does MeeGo have a big enough following to make Jolla’s phone a success?

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