Apple Says it has Fixed App Store Bug Causing Apps to Crash

A bug that may have been causing some iPhone apps to crash, just after they have been updated through the iTunes App Store, has been fixed according to Apple, after the issue was extensively reported by some developers.

Creator of Instapaper Marco Arment first wrote a lengthy blog post on the subject, after many concerned emails were sent through alerting him of crashing apps. This was very soon after version 4.2.3 of Instapaper was released, and after some research, he found a corrupt version of the update was being circulated by iTunes.

The developer of the platform game Qwak also had an update come out at the same time, and users once again reported problems. His blog post suggested users affected should delete and re-download the app, although this doesn’t always cure the problem.

Other apps reporting similar crashes after an update has been applied include Forbes, Pinball Maniacs, Angry Birds Space HD Free and Goodreader.

The problem wasn’t universal though, and many installs and updates went without issue, indicating it may have been isolated to certain regional app stores or even on particular versions of iTunes.

In typical Apple fashion, the company didn’t respond to developers complaints very quickly, but issued a statement late on Thursday confirming a problem. Then, last night, AllThingsD said they had been contacted by the company, who told them “the issue has been rectified and we don’t expect it to occur again”.

If you have been experiencing problems, delete them, download the update and re-install. They should work perfectly afterwards.

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