Kindle Fire 2 Tipped for August Release

Amazon has confirmed that it will be opening its Android application store in the UK and Europe this summer, and we’re hoping it’s also going to signal the arrival of the Kindle Fire to these shores too.

Google has got the jump on Amazon in the UK with a cheap tablet, as it’s Nexus 7 is already on sale (as a pre-order) through Google Play, and the similar specification and business model – the low price subsidised by the use of built-in content stores – means anyone eagerly waiting for the Kindle Fire may have chosen it instead.

A second Kindle Fire has been rumoured for a while, and China Times has now reported that Amazon has placed an order for 2 million units of the Kindle Fire 2, ready for deliveries to start in August. The report claims the orders are flowing from Quanta, the same company that produces the original Kindle Fire.

Rumours point to Amazon planning an event for 31 July, where it will unveil the new version of the tablet to the public. Basic specification will be very similar to the first model, with a 7-inch screen that could see a bump in resolution to 1280 x 800, (in which case it will match the Nexus 7). Crucially, the price will remain the same, but if Amazon really wanted to attract sales, a slight drop would give it the edge over the Nexus 7.

If the Kindle Fire 2 is already winging its way to Amazon headquarters, and an event set for the end of the month, expect an announcement to come very soon, as Amazon won’t want the Nexus 7 to gain too much traction in the meantime.

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