Samsung Unveil S Health App for Galaxy S III

Samsung has launched its S Health app for the flagship Galaxy S III smartphone, a service which will allow users to monitor health and wellness.

According to PC Advisor the app, which was briefly mentioned during the S III’s launch in May, is compatible with a number of different sensors such as blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters. The app collects data from the third party sensors via Bluetooth or USB and collates the information in order to give a detailed health overview.

S Health will have the ability to gauge how much a user exercises and will also help with diet regulation.

The service is also integrated with various social networks so that particularly health-obsessed S III users can share their achievements with friends and colleagues.

Simon Stanford, vice president of telecommunications and networks at Samsung said: “We’re delighted to bring this innovative application to the Galaxy S III’s portfolio of diverse content and applications to suit different needs.”

S Health is available to download now on the GS III via the ‘More Services’ app.

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