New Amazon Kindle Rumoured for Late July

Following the news that the Amazon Appstore will be opening this summer in the UK, a rumour that the company is now preparing a new Kindle Fire tablet has also appeared. The news comes from CNET, quoting what is according to them, a credible source. Could this be a coincidence?

Amazon’s Appstore comes pre-installed on the current Kindle Fire tablet, but needs to be downloaded for Android phones, meaning if Amazon wants to make the best out of its newly opened application store, it’s going to need a dedicated machine on which to launch it.

When the original Kindle eReader was released, the first generation was never sold outside the USA, and it wasn’t until an “international” second generation model that it made its way out into the world. It’s not unreasonable to think Amazon could repeat this with the Kindle Fire.

There’s also the small matter of falling US sales and the impending (but still at this stage, unofficial) release of a Google Nexus tablet, which if the $199/$249 pricing stays consistent with the rumours, then Amazon needs to respond before its hard work building a significant market share is eroded.

The existence of a new Kindle Fire is speculation at the moment, as is the possibility it will be released internationally, but given CNET‘s 31 July release date prediction, it fits in with Amazon’s own “summer” date for the grand opening of the European appstore. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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