LG Takes on Siri and S-Voice with Quick Voice

Voice-activated software is all the rage at the moment, thanks to Apple reinvigorating the feature when it introduced Siri on the iPhone 4S. Samsung followed with S-Voice on the new Galaxy S III, and quickly faced Apple’s wrath when the company claimed it violated one of its patents.

Samsung received respite when a US judge refused to let Apple amend its existing lawsuit last week, leaving the validity of Apple’s claim unresolved, but none of this has stopped LG from launching Quick Voice, its own interpretation of a conversational voice recognition app.

Quick Voice lets you take control of 11 different apps, including the phone, email, calendar, alarm clock and search. It also recognises names stored in your contacts, allowing you to tell the phone to whom it should address messages.

According to the press release, Quick Voice will search YouTube as well, and LG’s example (admittedly translated using Google) is for you to shout “Girls on YouTube I need you” into your phone. Maybe the phrase is a little less lecherous in its original Korean.

Interestingly, Quick Voice will be coming as an update to several LG smartphones, rather than being baked into a specific device, starting with the Optimus Vu and the Optimus LTE 2 in June and July respectively.

Initially it will only be available in Korea – and therefore differentiates itself nicely from Siri, as it natively supports the Korean language – but given the popularity of such a service at the moment, there’s every chance it’ll be released internationally at a later date.

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