Wozniak Claims Siri was Better Before Apple Became Involved

Siri was much better before Apple became involved with it, claims the tech-giant’s co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Apple bought the voice-activated digital assistant from its developers in 2010 for an undisclosed sum rumoured to be between $100m – $200m. Apple subsequently included the service as one of the key features in its latest handset, the iPhone 4S.

Speaking to New York-based newspaper Times Union, Wozniak says he was an early fan of the innovative technology: “I start[ed] telling everyone I knew and speaking around the world about how this was the future of computing, speaking things in normal ways, feeling like you’re talking to a human”.

He went on to comment that despite his assertions there was little interest in Siri until his former company became involved.

Wozniak further claimed that the voice-activated assistant performed far better before it was purchased by Apple. When asked to give an example of Siri’s earlier capabilities, he said that he had previously been able to ask for prime numbers greater than 87 and receive accurate answers. Now when asked the same question, the service returns an answer relating to “prime ribs”.

However, the tech pioneer did have some praise for the idea of digital assistants, saying that he believes they will improve in the future, be able to recognise mistakes and can only get “better and better and better”.

Apple recently announced that Siri’s capabilities will be brought to the latest version of the iPad with the release of iOS 6 later this year and that a vehicle integration system, called ‘Eyes Free’ will also be introduced.

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