International Data Roaming to Become Cheaper for Mobile Users

Three has become the latest UK network to introduce a service to help its customers to avoid hefty bills when using their smartphone abroad.

The company has announced the Euro Internet Pass which will give users unlimited internet use for a flat rate of £5 per day. The pass can be purchased via a text link which will be automatically sent to a Three customer when they enter any EU country.

Earlier this week Vodafone introduced a similar scheme called EuroTraveller which gives its customers access to the same call, text and data allowance they would have if they were using their phone in the UK. Although Vodafone’s service doesn’t offer the unlimited data that Three’s does, it is cheaper at only three pounds per day.

O2 is also set to introduce a scheme called O2 Travel which will deduct the duration of a call made whilst roaming from a user’s monthly allowance but charge an extra 50p on top. Orange is also planning on introducing its own international roaming service in the near future.

The EU has recently made moves to reduce the cost of data roaming with the intent on helping consumers to avoid situations in which unexpectedly high bills arise from calling whilst abroad. From 1 July EU mobile operators will not be allowed to charge more than €70 (plus VAT) per megabyte for data used by their subscribers whilst in other EU countries.

The new legislation will also see EU phone users travelling outside of the European Union receive a text messages warning them when their bill nears €50.

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