New Bluetooth Speakers Connect to Siri

A set of speakers has been produced which could help users in issuing voice commands to the iPhone 4S’ digital assistant Siri.

The Sound BlasterAxx speakers, made by audio device manufacturer Creative, can be controlled from an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. iPhone 4S users will be able to give commands to Apple’s voice assistant without speaking directly to the phone, although the button on the front of the device must still be held down.

An in-built microphone can also enable Skype calls, and can be configured to reduce background noise. An extra function of the speakers will track where the user is in the room and change the volume so that it remains constant as they move around.

The speakers can also be used away from the home, running off a USB charging pack, similar to those normally used to recharge a phone. There are three different sizes available, all of which retail for under £100 pounds.

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