S III Launch Saw Queues Outside Samsung Stores

Samsung’s head of marketing has said that the electronics giant wants to inspire the same sort of dedication amongst its customers that Apple manages with its own consumer base.

Younghee Lee made the comments in an interview back in January and it seems that the firm is moving one step closer to that target if the launch of its latest flagship handset, the Galaxy S III, is anything to go by.

Business website CNN Money has released a video which shows a long queue forming outside a UK Samsung store on the day of the new phone’s release

Shortly after the iPhone 4S went on sale the South Korean company ran an advertising campaign which labelled Apple‘s customers as ‘mindless hipster sheep’, mocking consumers who queued for days outside stores to get their hands on the new device.

Demand for Samsung’s latest device didn’t quite reach iPhone levels but there was certainly a significant degree of excitement amongst consumers, as the video below shows.

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