Rumours of a Sale Surround RIM, But Company Promises BlackBerry 10 is Still Coming Soon

BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion is having a difficult time, and the drastic restructure of the company, a falling market share and a distinct lack of exciting mobile phones are all beginning to take their toll.

By way of a lengthy press release, RIM has announced it has employed the services of JP Morgan and Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets to assist in “reviewing the company’s business and financial performance.” They’ll also be looking into opportunities to license the BlackBerry platform and other “strategic business model alternatives.”

As the statement is written in “banker,” it’s open to interpretation, but many sources are taking it that RIM is looking to sell the company. Canada’s Financial Post opens its article on the subject by saying the company appears to be “aggressively pursuing a sale,” and an analyst quoted by Reuters said “we’re looking at this as a salvage, value-type situation.”

RIM is also expecting to report a loss when it releases its first quarter results for 2012, and warns that there would be more job losses over the coming year. Due to falling sales, a third write-down of unsold stock is expected soon too.

This isn’t the first time a sale has been on the cards for RIM, as Samsung was recently rumoured to be a potential buyer, but nothing was ever made official.

Despite the doom and gloom, Research in Motion remains positive, closing out its statement with “although we’re facing challenges, we remain excited about BlackBerry 10″, while earlier saying the new OS is still on target for a late 2012 release.

The first official look at the BlackBerry 10 software came at the recent BlackBerry World developer event, but the initial hardware has yet to be unveiled.

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