New iPhone Parts Leak, Show Redesigned Rear and New Dock Connector

Parts alleged to be from the next generation iPhone have been leaked by phone repair company UBreakiFix. This time, instead of parts that don’t provide much in the way of detail — camera modules for example — we’ve got a good look at the rear and bottom of the casing.

The rear of the casing is said to be constructed from glass and metal, but the design has been subtly tweaked, and is noticeably taller than the iPhone 4S. A cutout for the camera and flash sit at the top of the case, which in the pictures has a two-tone appearance, but this could be caused by removable wrap.

A picture showing the base of the phone reveals several other changes. The 3.5mm headphone socket has been relocated from the top to the bottom of the handset, the speaker grills are now part of the bezel, and most importantly of all, the dock connector is considerably smaller.

The taller body corresponds with rumours suggesting the new iPhone will have a 3.95-inch screen, which would retain the same width as the iPhone 4S, but increase in length.

A redesigned dock connector, moving away from the 30-pin connector that’s used on all mobile Apple products at the moment, has been rumoured since before the release of the iPhone 4S. It’s unlikely to be very popular with those upgrading from older iPhones though, as it would likely render any accessories they own obsolete.

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference starts on 11 June, where it’s expected we’ll get our first look at iOS 6. The unveiling of the new iPhone, whatever it ends up looking like, probably won’t come until September or October.

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