Nokia Lumia 610 Won’t Run Angry Birds at the Moment, Rovio Working on Fix

Rovio’s Angry Birds is the mobile gaming sensation of the past few years, having been downloaded well in excess of 500 million times, and its success mirrors the recent rise in smartphone popularity.

It will therefore be seen by many as one of the essential apps for any new smartphone purchase, alongside social networking clients and a good news reader, and as it’s available on every popular platform out there, it won’t matter which phone you’ve purchased.

That is, however, except for the new Nokia Lumia 610, as tests have shown the phone has insufficient memory to run the app.

The Lumia 610 was introduced during Mobile World Congress 2012 as a budget handset to help Windows Phone compete with Android, and it’s set for release very soon here in the UK. To say it’s an important device for Nokia and Microsoft is an understatement.

But to bring it in at a budget price point, certain adjustments had to be made to the established minimum Windows Phone spec, including dropping the RAM memory from 512MB to 256MB. Windows Phone itself had to be modified to run on the phone, and Microsoft warned that around 5% of apps available in the Windows Marketplace wouldn’t run on the revised version.

We heard about another one, Skype, last week, but as few young smartphone buyers would have been rushing to download that as soon as their phone had charged for the first time anyway, it wasn’t considered too terrible. No Angry Birds though, is a problem.

Why? Because there are Android phones around the same price with 512MB of RAM and the ability to run Angry Birds. The new HTC Desire C is a prime example.

Thankfully, Nokia knows this is a potential problem, and has told Engadget that Rovio is working on a version of Angry Birds that’s compatible with 256MB Windows Phones.

No release date has been given though, but we’d suggest it had best arrive in time for the phone’s release.

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