Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our round-up of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week including Microsoft making the Marketplace a Mango-only zone, an Olympic-themed Acer tablet and a video proving that the Lumia 900 is one tough Windows phone.

1. Microsoft Hang Mango-Only Sign Over Marketplace Entrance

To push the last remaining few into updating their Windows Phones to Mango, Microsoft has made the Marketplace compatible only with phones running Windows Phone 7.5. This stops users with outdated software downloading or even updating previously installed apps. Users experiencing these problems should update their phones using the Zune or Windows Phone Connector software.

2. Acer Announces Olympic-branded Tablet

Acer has joined Samsung on the Olympic-branded-hardware bandwagon, by announcing a new version of the Iconia Tab A510, named the Olympic Games Edition, which will come with the Olympic logo engraved on the rear and a trial version of Eurosport’s Android app. It’ll cost £350 when it goes on sale, and Acer say it’s the first in a line of “Olympic themed devices”.

3. Skype for Lumia 610 No Longer Available

Skype for Windows Phone has only recently been released in its final version, but sadly is about to be amended to not include the Lumia 610 in its list of compatible devices. Although it works on the cheap Windows Phone, the experience has been described as “not up to par,” and the upcoming version 1.1 app won’t be available to download for Lumia 610 owners.

3. Symbian Carla Cancelled?

According to a Nokia spokesperson (quoted off-the-record) Symbian Carla has been cancelled, and devices such as the Nokia N8 will be getting an update with many new features under the title of Belle FP1, or Feature Pack 1, and FP2. These include a new browser and the ability to overclock the processor. Nokia has not commented on the situation.

5. LG LS860 Leaked

It’s doubtful this one will make it to the UK, but it’s interesting to see that LG hasn’t abandoned a the slide-out QWERTY form-factor in the same way its competitors have. Codename Cayenne, the LS860 has a 4-inch touchscreen, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, Android 4.0 and 4G LTE connectivity. It’s rumoured for release on the Sprint network in the USA.

6. Waterstones to Sell Enhanced Amazon Kindle in Store

The bookstore Waterstones has announced it will start selling the Amazon Kindle in its stores soon, complete with a version of its own eBook store pre-installed. The shop will also offer free Wi-Fi, to allow new Kindle owners to purchase books onsite. The exact launch date has yet to be confirmed.

7. Nokia Lumia 900 Abused in Shocking Video

A video showing the abuse of a Lumia 900 went viral this week, but instead of the phone folding under pressure, it keeps calm and survives to tell the tale. It’s a demonstration of just how strong the Lumia 900′s glass screen is, and to illustrate this, the phone is attacked with a nail, then used to hit the nail into a block of wood. It’s amazing stuff, check it out below:

8. OmniVision Announces Incredible 16 Megapixel Camera Sensor

OmniVision has announced a new sensor designed for high-end camera phones. It captures 16 megapixel pictures with 24 bursts-per-second, 1080p video at 60 frames-per-second, and offers everything from RAW scaling and electronic image stabilisation to frame rate and exposure adjustment. Devices using the sensor could start appearing near the end of the year.

9. Facebook Launches Camera App

Despite buying Instagram for $1 billion, Facebook has launched its own photo sharing app for iOS, simply named Facebook Camera. It does as one would expect: Take pictures, enable a little editing, tag your friends and upload them to Facebook. It’s free to download for the iPhone, and available in the App Store now.

10. Has Sony Dropped the Xperia Play from its Android 4.0 Upgrade Plans?

It has been noticed that the Xperia Play no longer appears on Sony’s list of devices set to receive an update to Android 4.0, despite showing up on previous occasions, and having a beta version of the software released earlier in the year. Has Sony decided against it, or is it a mistake? We’re sure Xperia Play owners are hoping for the latter.

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