Nokia World 2012 Gets New Date and Format

The dates for Nokia World 2012 were announced at the beginning of March, but it turns out the specified dates of 25 – 26 September were only tentatively entered into the Finnish company’s diary, as it has not only altered them this week, but also turned the event’s structure on its head too.

Nokia World has traditionally been a single, major event held over a couple of days, where developers and Nokia’s partners get together to talk about future products and sell services.

This year, Nokia World will be split into several different events, the first of which will be held on 5 – 6 September, and it’ll be a private get-together for networks and those who sell Nokia products to the public.

According to a post on Nokia’s Conversations blog, “other Nokia activities will be announced in the weeks and months ahead,” but as of right now, the event where we could have seen the next round of Windows Phone handsets and possibly even a tablet, all potentially running Windows Phone 8, has effectively been cancelled.

Now, rather than being seen as a negative turn of events, this could turn out to be quite positive. By running “events with specific audiences in mind,” instead of having one big keynote presentation, often filled with facts and figures only of interest to industry-types, Nokia now has the opportunity to hold an Apple-style event dedicated to its new products, specially for the press and public.

There’s also a good chance this will take place on one of the previously confirmed end-of-September dates, and Nokia may even decide to hold that event in London, as with previous Nokia World conferences.

Perhaps any news about the next Nokia World event will come after Microsoft provides a date for Windows Phone 8′s release?

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