Facebook Launches Standalone Camera App

Facebook has released a new camera app for iOS which will allow users to upload pictures directly to the social network.

The iPhone’s camera can be accessed through the app and filters can be added to images after they have been taken. In a big change to the photo functions of the current Facebook app, multiple photos can now be uploaded simultaneously.

Several features of the new app echo those found within Instagram, the photo-sharing service that Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking giant recently purchased for $1b. For instance, pictures from the profiles of your Facebook friends are presented in a stream with option of tagging and commenting on each one.

A Facebook spokesperson told Tech Crunch: “We’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently, so I anticipate some healthy competition.”

Facebook is yet to announce any of its plans for Instagram following the buy-out but it seems strange that the social networking giant has introduced an app which seems to stand in direct competition to the photo-sharing service. A video showing what the new photo app can do has been posted on Facebook – take a look at it below:

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