Weekly Web Highlight: NASA Image of the Day

It is a sad (but probably quite obvious) fact that the Dialaphone editorial team comprises largely of geeks. As such, when we’re not checking out the latest mobile tech we like nothing more than looking at pictures of rockets, space and general sci-fi craziness. With that in mind this week’s WWH is a bit of a no-brainer, being the online home of NASA’s image archive.

The NASA Image of the Day website offers an easy to navigate library of photographs featuring pictures that show everything from the birth of a star to the innards of a flight enclosure test assembly (we told you we were geeks).

Each shot comes complete with an in-depth written accompaniment and you can view the whole lot in the form of a slideshow, although you might need to set some time aside for that as the gallery currently stands at over 500 images.

Best of all, every image in the gallery is downloadable in a number of different sizes, making it easy to use any given photograph as a wallpaper for your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The NASA image of the day is updated on a daily basis (the clue is in the name),so get it bookmarked and check back regularly to get your space-geek fix.

Now, where did we put those astronaut job application forms?

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