Asus Release New Padfone Demo Video

The last we heard of the Asus Padfone, its release date had been postponed due to the delays associated with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, which hides inside the smartphone section of the device.

Initially revealed during Mobile World Congress, the Padfone was expected to hit the shelves right at the beginning of May, but Asus hasn’t officially commented on its status since MWC.

Still, anyone interested in the Padfone has got used to waiting, as it was unveiled as a concept some 12 months ago, so a few weeks aren’t going to matter.

In the meantime, Asus has published a promotional video for the smartphone/tablet/laptop hybrid, proving the device is still coming soon. The footage shows the system in action, and confirms most of the main features revealed at the official launch, including the S4 chip.

Perhaps the most intriguing section of the video concerns the battery life. It shows the smartphone next to a little battery indicator displaying 16 hours, which then increases to 63 hours when the phone is slotted inside the tablet, before maxing out at an incredible 102 hours when it’s slotted into the laptop dock.

This will be good news for users who want to exploit the Padfone’s versatility while out and about, as will the chance to use all three devices with one SIM card, and therefore only get one bill.

Other features mentioned include the 4.3-inch scratch-resistant touchscreen, the 8 megapixel camera with an f2.2 aperture for great low-light pictures, and the Android 4.0 operating system.

Oddly, once the video ends after just under two minutes, it plays again, but without the audio track.

The official Asus Padfone page hasn’t changed recently, and the video doesn’t offer anything new on the subject of release, but it does indicate it’s probably not going to be drastically delayed, or worse, that the project has been shelved.

It won’t keep us satisfied for long though. Check out the video below:

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