Updated Version of LG’s Android Skin to Debut on Optimus 4X HD

Hands up those of you who, until today, couldn’t have put a name to LG’s Android user interface? Most will know HTC Sense, and a similar amount will know Samsung’s TouchWiz, but LG’s remained something of a mystery. Was it still S-Class?

It turns out that it’s called (unsurprisingly, really) Optimus UI, and a press release has heralded the coming of version 3.0, which will be seen on all LG phones running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, something that shows LG is very keen to keep up with everything its competitors are doing.

Several of the new features included in Optimus UI 3.0 will be familiar to anyone who watched Samsung’s Galaxy S III launch event closely. There is Voice Shutter for the camera, where pictures can be taken using a voice command instead of pressing the button, along with the introduction of a burst mode, allowing you to choose the best snap from a series taken over a very short length of time.

Unlocking the phone can be done with a simple swipe or by using Pattern Lock, where a gesture can be linked to a certain app, which then opens automatically when the shape is drawn onto the lock screen.

Icons can now be customised using your own images, and the Quick Memo feature seen on the Optimus Vu smartphone/tablet hybrid (which allows notes to be scrawled onto the screen, no matter which app is running, saved and sent on via email or a social network), has been integrated into the UI.

One of the most interesting new additions is described as “a simpler version” of Optimus UI. Designed to make the transition from feature phone to smartphone easier for new users, it collects popular applications in one place, meaning less hunting around deep inside the menu system. This could be a major selling point for cheaper LG Android phones in the future.

LG’s Optimus UI 3.0 will be seen first on the Optimus LTE 2, due for release in Korea this week, but here in the UK, we’ll get to see it on the Optimus 4X HD when it arrives in June.

It’s going to be very interesting to compare the latest LG UI with the Sense 4.0 experience and Samsung’s new version of TouchWiz on the Galaxy S III. We wonder which will turn out to be the best to use in comparison to regular Android 4.0?


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