LG To Introduce Shatter-Proof Displays Next Year?

Flexible, shatter-proof displays could be seen on mobiles as early as next year if reports about LG’s plans prove to be true.

The Korean manufacturer is rumoured to have spent over £100m on setting-up a production plant to produce what it calls 3.5 Gen OLED displays. Speculation suggests that the first LG devices featuring the new technology could emerge in the first or second quarter of 2013.

Rather than creating a device which is entirely flexible, LG is rumoured to be focusing on creating a handset that is more resistant to damage with a screen that won’t smash if dropped. Any new device featuring the flexible display will mark a significant change in the way manufacturers think about damage prevention with many previously having opted for strengthening a device with protective screens such as Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

Reports of flexible displays have emerged from several manufacturers including Samsung and HP over the last few years and Apple recently filed a patent for a touchscreen which will bend in three dimensions to form a tactile surface. However, LG is the first manufacturer to give any indication that this technology has been taken off the drawing board and given a firm place in its production schedule.

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