Windows Developer Summit Joins Google I/O and WWDC for June

Software developers and technology fans alike are set for an exciting, and busy, June this year, as Microsoft has announced it’ll be holding the Windows Phone Developer Summit between 20 – 21 of the month.

The event’s title gives away what will be covered there, but it doesn’t go into much detail, meaning we could be looking at Windows Phone Tango coverage, or potentially some information on Windows Phone 8.

Ever since the launch of Windows Phone, Microsoft has been doing its best to attract developers, from making the transition from working on other operating systems much easier, to welcoming those who were abandoned by Palm last year.

It has been working too, with the Windows Marketplace now hosting at least 70,000 applications, and growing at an approximate rate of 300 per day.

The timing and location of the Developer Summit could also be seen as another attempt by Microsoft to encourage new talent to check out the platform, as it’s being held just a week before Google I/O – set for 27 June until the 29 – and six days after the close of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, which will run between 11 – 15 of the same month.

All three of these events are taking place in San Francisco, so any keen developers coming to one or another, could realistically take in Microsoft’s event too.

Here’s hoping that it won’t only be developers who learn something new during the show, and that like Apple and Google, Microsoft will take the opportunity to give us a peak at Windows Phone’s future.

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