Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrades Continue to Roll Out

Sony has announced that an upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for its Tablet S.

Users of the device will be prompted to install a system update when the tablet is next connected to Wi-Fi and the new platform will begin to download. So far there has been no announcement from Sony about an upgrade for the Tablet P.

Ice Cream Sandwich was made available to developers at the end of last year so that manufacturers could begin updating their Android devices. Several device makers have been rolling-out upgrades to the new OS recently, whilst others have provided only vague information about when users will get the new software.

Sony itself has begun upgrading some of its Xperia range with the Arc S, Neo V and Ray being first in line. However, the ICS update has so far only been available in Scandinavian countries with no word on a UK or US release, and users of Sony’s latest smartphone, the Xperia S, do not yet have access to the new version of Google’s mobile OS.

Sony’s upgrade strategy has been particularly interesting because the Japanese manufacturer has warned users of Xperia handsets that the strain Ice Cream Sandwich will put on their devices might affect performance and cause instability in the operating system.

Elsewhere, Samsung is one of the few manufacturers to have successfully rolled out an upgrade for its customers. Having announced in January that Ice Cream Sandwich would be coming to the Galaxy S II the upgrade finally became available this month (dependant on network). As for word from network providers, Three, O2, Orange and Vodafone have all said that ICS is now available for the Galaxy S II across their networks.

Finally, HTC seems to be the only other manufacturer that has successfully supplied its customers with the new version of Android. An update is now available for the Taiwanese manufacturer’s Sensation and Sensation XE handsets, and although a slew of other devices have been earmarked to receive the upgrade (including the Sensation XL and Evo 3), HTC has only provided a non-committal “early 2012” date so far.

Motorola claim the Wi-Fi version of its Xoom tablet has been upgraded but as of yet, other devices in the Xoom range are stuck on Honeycomb, the Android iteration produced specifically for tablets. Motorola’s updates are supposed to come directly from Google itself following the search engine pioneer’s purchase of the mobile manufacturer last year, so the lack of progress is surprising.

The news from LG is that it will be rolling out updates for its devices between April and September but so far, no new software has emerged. Other manufacturers, such as ZTEDellHuawei and Acer have all been quiet on when, or if, upgrades will become available for their devices.

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