Google Drive is Live, and Available in the UK

Following a series of rumours, Google Drive has been launched by the search giant and unusually for a brand-new Google toy, it’s available to us here in the UK as well as those in the USA.

Google Drive an online storage system that incorporates some of the features from the now-defunct Google Buzz, as you can create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

It also replaces Google Docs, as once you sign-up for it, the Documents shortcut on the black bar above the Google homepage becomes Drive instead. You get 5GB of space for free, and can pay for more space should you require it. To make best use of Drive, there’s a Windows and Mac application, along with an Android mobile app too.

With the Drive software installed on your computers and phone, anything stored there can be accessed at anytime, searched and edited. Drive also integrates with Google+, so any pictures you’ve saved can be quickly attached to posts, plus Gmail support will be coming soon.

The search feature can recognise any documents uploaded using OCR software, and pictures can also be catalogued using Google’s clever image recognition software.

Google promises a lot more to come from Google Drive, including support from those developing for the Chrome Web Store, and mention a fax service, website creation and video editing inside Drive as possible features we’ll see in the future. An iOS app for the iPhone and iPad are also in development.

You can watch the introductory video below, and if you want to try Google Drive out for yourself, just head over to

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  1. I need to give this a go before it potentially falls to the wayside like Buzz and Wave did. I barely had chance to play around before they were discontinued. Not this time!

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