Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference Dates Released

Apple has been busy this week, after regaling us yesterday with its monumental sales performance so far this year, it has now released the dates for WWDC 2012. This year the event will take place between the 11 – 15 June, and the $1,599 tickets are on sale now; however they usually sell out in a very short amount of time.

The Worldwide Developer Conference is a big date on Apple’s calendar, as it features workshops and talks for software developers who make up its iOS and Mac development programmes.

It’s of particular interest to us due to the famed keynote speech, during which Apple has previously debuted new hardware.

Until last year, it was the stage for the launch of the latest iPhone model, but the iPhone 5 (as it was known at the time) failed to make an appearance at WWDC 2011, and was unveiled at its own event in October. Instead, Apple focused on software, introducing both iOS 5, iCloud and OS X Lion.

Prior to the show, there was much talk about whether the new iPhone would show up at the event, and Apple responded with a press release confirming the keynote’s content would concentrate on software.

Things are much the same this year, with some speculating the next-generation iPhone will come back to WWDC, while others think Apple will wait until September or October, having gone to the trouble of shifting the launch in the first place.

Apple’s Phil Schiller says his company has ‘a great WWDC planned this year and can’t wait to share the latest news about iOS and OS X Mountain Lion with developers.’

Given Apple’s preference for keeping things secret, one can’t read anything into his statement, but there’s a high chance iOS 6 (or some iteration of iOS 5) could be revealed.

As for hardware, new MacBooks and MacBook Air models have been rumoured for a while, as well as the much talked about Apple television, all or none of which could also be launched. Don’t expect those iPhone rumors to stop until the event itself either. WWDC 2012 will begin in just over seven week’s time.

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