Vodafone Joins in with the Excitement and Advertises the Next Galaxy Phone

Vodafone is the first UK network to officially confirm it will be stocking the next Samsung Galaxy phone, but sadly doesn’t give anything about the phone away. With the launch event getting closer by the day, can we expect other networks to join in, or has Vodafone scored an exclusive?

The news comes from a Vodafone product page on its website, saying that ‘Your Next Galaxy Coming to Vodafone,’ along with the chance to register for updates.

Samsung has been referring to its new device as the ‘next Galaxy’ since the original event invitation, and the phrase also turned up in the teaser video released yesterday. Although we’ve been calling it the Galaxy S III, there’s no guarantee this will be the new device’s name.

A quick check of Vodafone’s competitor’s websites revealed nobody else has put up a similar page, suggesting they’re either not cashing in on the massive hype surrounding the phone (unlikely), or they haven’t inked a deal with Samsung just yet.

Vodafone’s page doesn’t state it’ll be exclusive to the network, and it would surely make some noise about it if it were the case, so look out for other pages to go live soon.

If you’re wondering whether Vodafone will see much traffic due to the Galaxy banner, you may recall hearing Amazon Germany had put the S III up for pre-order earlier this week, where since then, it has become the number one best selling phone on the site.

Yes, it’s safe to say, the world is very excited about the phone Samsung is set to unveil on 3 May.

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