iPhone 5 Could Have New Display Technology

Reports suggest that Apple could be working in partnership with Toshiba and Sharp to use the Japanese pairing’s in-cell technology in the new iPhone.

Korean tech paper DigiTimes says that sources in Apple’s supply chain have said that the new technology could be used in the upcoming Apple device, currently being referred to as the iPhone 5.

In-cell touch panels reducing the need for an extra protective layer in a smartphone’s display by combining sensors with the glass itself. Using this technology will allow manufacturers to make the devices they produce slimmer.

The news tallies with suggestions that Apple could well be looking to reduce the thickness of its next iPhone iteration to be in keeping with rival devices such as Motorola’s RAZR and the  HTC One X.

This rumour, along with last week’s reports that the new iPhone will feature a ‘liquid metal’ casing, points towards a super-slim design for the upcoming device. However, if these stories prove to be true it means that a release date could be pushed back as far as October.


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