HTC May Move into Processor Design

HTC is rumoured to be branching out further by developing its own processors to power the smartphones it produces.

According to a report by China Times the Taiwanese manufacturer looks set to follow the lead of Apple and Samsung and move towards taking more control over the design and construction of the chips employed in future devices.

HTC is said to have signed what is called a ‘memorandum of cooperation’ with ST-Ericsson to develop a new chip that will first be used in 2013. It’s said the processor will be used to power the low-end smartphones in the manufacturer’s range.

The latest HTC devices to be announced use processors produced by some of the biggest names in the industry, with the One X’s quad-core chip coming from NVIDIA and the One S featurinmg a dual-core CPU produced by Qualcomm.

However, Qualcomm has recently admitted that it is having trouble meeting the demand for its smartphone chips which could affect the release date of upcoming devices said to use them, such as the iPhone 5.

HTC has been making some significant changes in its strategy of late, with recent announcements suggesting that it believes consumers value a slimmer handset over improved battery life and that physical keypads are falling from favour amongst consumers.

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