Samsung Galaxy Video Teaser Reveals Little, Takes Swipe at Apple

Samsung has released a new teaser video for its new Galaxy device, with hype dialled up to maximum but concrete details remaining thin on the ground.

The video, revealed via the recently reported countdown site, contains Hollywood-esque music and computer generated images of space with obtuse phrases such as “Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand” and “Truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life”, which reveal not very much at all about the much anticipated handset.

The teaser vid does take time to mock iPhone users by suggesting that owners of the Apple smartphone are sheep. The sideswipe is not overly surprising and is not the first time Samsung have taken this approach, with a recent ad taking a dig at Apple fans who queue for days prior to the launch of a new iDevice.

We fully expect more teasers and further details to be revealed as Samsung’s 3 May event draws ever nearer.

Check out the full teaser video below:



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