Crowdsourced Funding for Smartphone Watch Keeps Growing

Last week we brought you news that the developer of a smartphone-compatible watch has smashed crowd-funding records.

The Pebble e-paper watch had been listed on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter to raise funds to take the project further after the  firm failed to find investment through more traditional Silicon Valley routes. From an initial goal of $100,000 (£62,039) the project gained over $3 million in it’s first week.

Following much publicity surrounding the achievement, that figure has since grown and now stands at nearly $5.5m (£3,142,145) with over thirty seven thousand people having pledged money to the project.

The watch connects to iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth and allows users to access emails, messages and reminders, amongst several other functions. It has a backlit screen for night vision and a battery that will last for up to a week.

Eric Migicovsky, the Canadian entrepreneur in charge of the project, told the BBC: “We tried to raise money, it was impossible. No-one really wants to fund hardware projects right now, except for the people that want to buy them.”

The developer says the watch will go on sale for $150 (£93) and that those who have put money into the project will be able to purchase the product at a discounted rate.

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