HTC: Users Want Thinner Phones Rather Than Improved Battery Life

HTC say that customers prefer having a slimmer device even it means sacrificing battery life.

Tech website The Verge has reported that Bjorn Kilburn, HTC VP of Product Strategy said consumer research conducted by the Taiwanese manufacturer last year indicates that customers would rather have a slim handset that needs frequent recharging over a thicker one with improved battery life.

The company reportedly shelved plans for several devices featuring 3000mAh-plus batteries following the research.

However, HTC does say that battery life is important to the firm but that it is focussing on improving efficiency with new battery technology and better power-management software, rather than building devices around larger power sources.

It certainly seems true that the manufacturer’s latest release, the One S, is built with this approach in mind. The handset is geared towards getting the most out of its battery and processor whilst maintaining an incredibly slim design.

The approach appears to be in stark contrast to rival Motorola whose upcoming release, the RAZR Maxx, is a thicker, heavier variant of its RAZR and features a 3300mAh battery that should return over eighteen hours of talk time.

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