‘Youm’ Must be Joking… Samsung’s Flexible Screen Name Revealed

A page spotted on Samsung’s Korean website seems to have revealed the name of the company’s flexible AMOLED display, which is rumoured to start appearing on devices towards the end of the year.

The page calls the technology ‘Youm,’ and further evidence comes from Youm being registered as a trademark by Samsung, along with a suitably squiggly logo too.

Samsung’s page describes the screens as being ‘thinner, lighter and unbreakable,’ and consisting of four separate layers, where two are listed as being ‘films’ rather than the glass layers found on traditional LCD and OLED displays.

Flexible screens for mobile phones have been talked about for a while, with Samsung linked with the technology several times, including early last year and again in November, where a company spokesman revealed it would be sometime this year when we would see the first products to use a flexible screen. A 2013 release date has subsequently also been suggested.

Even before last year a pair of videos showed up on YouTube, one demonstrating the durability of Samsung’s screens, and the other some concept products.

Going back to the name, there doesn’t seem to be any explanation for the bizarre choice so far, but perhaps it’ll be revealed as an acronym closer to the time; although we would have expected an F for flexible to be included somehwere if that was the case. Right now though, a Google search reveals Youm is Arabic for ‘day,’ and very little else.

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