Ofcom Wants 0800 Numbers to be Free to Call from Mobiles

Here’s some good news for those of you who use a mobile phone as your only phone, communication industry regulator Ofcom has plans to make calling 0800 numbers free from mobiles as well as landlines.

While an 0800 number was always good news when calling from your home phone, dialling it from a mobile often resulted in charges of anything up to 21p per-minute, making it not only expensive, but also an annoyance when it was unavoidable to place such a call.

Ofcom also says the public has lost trust in this type of telephone number, due to similar numbers having high prices attached, and it hopes to ‘regain trust’ by making 0800 truly free.

Along with the recent announcement that international roaming charges are set to fall once more, then again by mid-2014, owning and operating a mobile phone is about to become a little cheaper, and it should mean we stop seeing stories like this; where customers simply don’t understand how much a service costs and are punished with a big bill.

An exact timescale for the changeover hasn’t been finalised, but Ofcom say the switch is ‘long overdue’ and that it hopes to have everything in place early next year.

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