Nexus Tablet to be Sold via Google’s Own Store?

Remember the Google Nexus One? It was the very first Google-branded Android phone, built by HTC, and which ran a clean version of Android without any manufacturer-designed skin.

If Google had its way, it would have been sold without any interference from networks too, as the Nexus One was originally set to only be available through Google’s own online store.

This was primarily a move designed to shake up the US market, where networks have a lot of influence, and very few customers purchases SIM-free phones without a contract.

Sadly, very few bought the Nexus One from Google’s store, and the experiment was a failure. Google, however, obviously hasn’t given up, as the latest rumours suggest it’s going to give its own store another try – but this time selling the rumoured Nexus tablet.

Following a slew of speculation indicating such a device is coming very soon, The Wall Street Journal has reported that the new store will carry the new Nexus tablet, with a view to boosting Android’s position in the tablet market. Despite there being plenty of choices out there, the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire (in the US, at least) are considerably more successful.

Selling a tablet should be easier for Google than selling a phone, as buyers won’t need to interact with a network at all, and customers are seemingly happy to pay a slightly higher price for a tablet than a smartphone.

The tablet is expected to have a 7-inch screen and be produced by Asus, but instead of the Tegra 3 chip initially planned to power the device, it’s possible it will run a lesser specced processor in order to keep the price down to between $149 and $249, or £95 to £155.

If the rumours hold true, then we can expect the Nexus tablet to make an appearance this side of the summer.

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