HTC Media Link HD: Phone to TV in a Single Swipe

The HTC Media Link HD is a new unit which makes it easy to wirelessly share content from your HTC One Series device to a HDMI-enabled TV.

Setup is as simple as plugging the Media Link HD into a TV via the HDMI port and connecting to a USB slot or power cable.

Once the unit is connected, sharing multimedia could not be easier. While watching movies, viewing pictures or listening to music, a three finger swipe up the screen of your HTC One device will instantly push content to the TV.

You can even continue to use the phone while streaming content by pressing the home button on the device.

To finish sharing content just three finger swipe down the phone to close the connection.

Here at Dialaphone we are currently offering a free Media Link HD when you order either a HTC One X or One S handset. Simply head over to our HTC page to check out the great deals available.

Check out our handy visual guide to setting up and using the HTC Medialink HD below:

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      Thanks for your message. The HTC Media Link is not available to buy at Dialaphone unfortunately, however if you search for the unit you will find several online retailers who do sell it.



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