Lenovo Wants To Be First With A Windows 8 Tablet

Later this year, another tablet operating system is going to hit the market in the shape of Microsoft Windows 8, and there are quite a few companies said to be already working on devices using the software. Probably the most talked about is Nokia, and given the company’s close relationship with Microsoft and dedication to Windows Phone, it’s expected that the Finnish firm will come up with an exciting option come release day.

However, Nokia may not be the first to come out with a Windows 8 tablet, as rumours are linking Lenovo with that honour. A source chatting to The Verge said Lenovo wants to release a tablet in October, which links in with the date that Windows 8 is expected to go on sale.

As far as the tablets features go, only the possibility of an Intel processor has been suggested, plus that it could be a version of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga seen during CES 2012. In case you missed it, the Yoga had an unusual detachable, twisting keyboard accessory, making it look something like the very first laptop tablets available several years ago.

Nokia and Lenovo aren’t the only ones likely to be experimenting with Windows 8 on tablets, as Dell, HP and Asus have all also expressed interest; but as to who produces the most exciting product, it’s looking like Nokia will have its work cut out if Lenovo does go with the Yoga.

The tablet market is dominated by the iPad, with Android still lagging behind despite a wealth of devices on sale, meaning Windows 8 needs some strong hardware on sale before the year is out to make an impact. Will Lenovo, Nokia and the others help it to succeed?

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