Lumia 719 Images Leak

Images of another addition to Nokia’s Lumia range have surfaced on the web leading to speculation that the device could be unveiled at an event in China on 28 March.

The shots show a device purporting to be the Nokia Lumia 719, a device that first came to light when it appeared on the “Game Stats” section of Occassional Gamers website (recorded as a device that accessed games available from the site) although many industry commentators have questioned the authenticity of the image.

Whilst the grainy shot does depict a handset in which Nokia’s design elements are clearly identifiable, the radical departure from the Lumia’s aesthetics have raised alarm bells over just how genuine the picture is.

Spec details are thin on the ground at present although it is thought that the Windows Phone-powered handset will house a 5 megapixel camera and 3.7-inch screen featuring the same ClearBlack technology found throughout the Lumia range. It’s also claimed that the Lumia 719 will work on both CDMA2000 and GSM networks, something that ties in with the touted Chinese launch.

It’s also been suggested that the device will eventually launch in Europe, with the mid-range addition to the Lumia family being targeted at the Asia, North America and South America. The news follows the recent announcement of a version of the Lumia 900 for the European market.


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  1. Looks great, hopefully the dpailsy is also good quality. There’s some stiff competition coming from Samsung and Asus in addition to Apple of course. I suppose Fujitsu will try to appeal enterprise customers, but I think they could make some good quality ultrabooks for the avarage consumer too.

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