The Wait is Nearly Over as Samsung and HTC’s Android 4.0 Update Begins

Both HTC and Samsung have announced their plans to upgrade key handsets to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich this week.  The news comes after several months of waiting, or in the case of Samsung, several false starts and a lot of denial.

Starting with Samsung, the very first device to see the latest version of the Android OS will be the popular Galaxy S II.  The roll out has already begun in Korea and parts of Europe, with Samsung mentioning Poland, Sweden and Hungary specifically, and we can expect its arrival here in the UK on the 19th March.

Samsung has warned that there could still be delays, but this will be because networks are finalising the update before seeding it to owners.  However, given the fact we’ve been waiting since last November for ICS to appear, a few more days won’t make much difference.

Once the Galaxy S II has been updated, Samsung will turn its attention to the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S II LTE and two of its tablets, the Tab 10.1 and Tab 8.9.  It doesn’t say anything other than the update will ‘follow soon’ for these devices though.

On to HTC.  Having already begun updating the Sensation and Sensation XE, HTC has now announced another collection of devices which will receive Android 4.0, adding to the list published at the tail end of last year.  In addition to the Sensation XL and Sensation 4G, which will be next on the update roster, the Desire S, Desire HD, Evo 3D, Incredible S, Rhyme and a variety of other phones such as the Thunderbolt, Vivid, Raider, Rezound and Amaze 4G will all be getting Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sadly, HTC hasn’t provided any indication of when the update will appear for the majority of these devices, stating only that the Sensation series will be going ahead in the next few weeks.

Still, after a lot of waiting, it looks like Ice Cream Sandwich is finally making its way out into the world.

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